Christina Martin Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

“With no prior experience with acupuncture, I started seeing Christina in 2003 after my first son was born. I have had such consistently good results from my treatments that now I turn to her for help with any issue or ailment that comes up. In fact, if I haven’t been sick, I try to see her for a tune-up on a regular basis. Christina is a wonderful, warm, grounded and conscientious person. From the moment I met her I immediately felt comfortable in her care. She has treated every member of our family with positive results. Our small children feel totally at ease with her. I would heartily recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

–Kate, F., Mom, Berkeley, Ca

“After relocating to San Francisco from the East Coast, I found myself feeling anxious more often than not and plagued by various stomach and digestive problems. When Western medicine failed me in these areas, I found myself looking for alternative therapies and I am so thankful that I found Christina. Her compassionate treatment and guidance have not only rid me completely of my stomach problems, but have helped me to be more relaxed, better able to manage my stress, and more centered in myself. I recommend Christina wholeheartedly.”

–Tara V., Student, San Francisco, CA

” After giving birth to my second child I was faced for the first time of having PMS symptoms; irritability, headaches and mood swings. I thought i would just have to learn to deal each month with the symptoms untill a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. Being a believer in eastern practices I tried. After a few regular visits, followed by periodic maintenance visits, I have been symptom free.”

–J. Denison, R.N., Berkeley, CA

” The few sessions I had with Christina had such a positive and ongoing impact on my life. Most of all though, I want I thank her for the tools she gave me a couple summers ago. Ever since then I have been much more aware of my body and ways I can nourish it according to its needs. Not to say I’m the image of perfect health, but I definately feel much more stable and capable of keeping myself decently well. Thanks again for being such a great, spirited, strong and inspirational person.”

–S., student, Emeryville, CA

“Due to my high stress work environment, I started getting migraines every day for two weeks, after I saw Christina I was free of migraines right after the very first treatment, I now receive monthly maintenance treatments that not only prevents the migraines but de-stresses me.”

–Joanne H., Corporate Account Manager, San Rafael, CA

” I just wanted to write to you and let you know how effective your last treatment was, Wednesday was the first night I’ve slept through without my hands falling asleep in months! Also, I woke up on Thursday with lots of energy; I felt like going to Curves (and did!). I couldn’t figure out why I felt so good when I woke up; then I remembered that I’d seen you the day before. So, just a big “thanks” until I see you again!!”

–L., Teacher, Berkeley, CA

“I came to see Dr. Christina Martin for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I suffered from it for more than 10 years and Dr. Christina is the only doctor to have cured me. I am a complete believer in her treatments and in addition to the cure for IBS, I have found that seeing her has made a huge difference in health problems for which I wasn’t seeking treatment, like depression and lack of energy, but which were impeding the quality of my health and my life. If you want to feel better see Dr. Christina today!”–Ali. M., Graduate Student, San Francisco, CA

“I was diagnosed with a bulged disc 10 years ago, around the end of last year, the pain in my low back became excruciating and radiated down my left leg into my calf, after one month of steady acupuncture treatments with Christina I no longer have any pain!”–Tim M., Game Developer, San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been on Hydroclorathiazide for 3 years with an ACE inhibitor for my high blood pressure, even on these medications it kept my blood pressure still marginally high, but under control. After receiving Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy from Christina, I was able to discontinue my medication and my blood pressure is now normal. I thought I would have to take that medication for ever, but Christina cured the problem at the source and helped me to become In addition, my vitality has improved.”

–Peter A., Certified Massage Therapist, Tiburon, CA

“After 10 years of insomnia, I finally sleep through the night with thanks to Dr. Christina. I now sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and full of energy. Adding acupuncture is the only part of my daily routine that has changed, and it’s been wonderful! Dr. Christina has the kind of personality that brightens your outlook on life and leaves you smiling after each visit.”

–Malena S.,Game Developer, Larkspur, CA